WebSphere stop start restart status script

I found out that stoping and starting WebSphere from command line is quite complex task to perform so I wrote a little script to make my life a bit easier. Here's help screen:

Usage: juxto.sh [ACTION] [OPTION]
    -s       Start.
    -p       Stop.
    -f       Force stop.
    -r       Restart running ape[s].
    -t       Status.
    -T       Long status.
    -l       List application engines.
    -a ape   Determine application engine, for example spcms.
             Without this option all engines will get action.
    -n node  Determine node aka host. Without this option local
             node will get action. By using "*" you specify all.

To get all working you need two files and mayby change WASINST and IBMHTTPD paths. Shell script and tcl file are supposed to be in directory WebShphere_inst_path/bin/

juxto-2.2.tgz (contains files above)