Sami's tea tasting notes

Company - Product Name (5/5 score)

ISO-8601 date when I got the tea. Tea type. Textual description.

Asda - Wild Berry (4)

2023-01-03. Herbal tea. Another excellently cheap and really nice tea, but not as good the mango & strawberries. Still plenty good, and excellent value for money. I am pretty sure I will get this tea again.

Asda - Mango & Strawberry (5)

2023-01-03. Herbal tea. Super cheap, and absolutely brilliant. Taste is sligtly sweet and very berry like with some floral things going on. Did I already tell the price is great, get this if you ever happen to visit Asda!

Sainsbury's - Sencha Rose Green Loose Leaf Tea (4)

2022-12-16. Green tea. Hold on, this is not only a green tea, there is some aromatic bits in the mix, and they make this really nice. The primary aroma is green tea, but additional flavors really improve the taste. But be aware this product can also be a little irritating to stomach, or that's at least how I felt when having whole pot of this tea. Maybe one should not have so much green tea, but I drink black tea quite often similar amount without issue.

Taylors of Harrogate - Yorkshire Tea Loose Leaf Tea (3)

2022-12-03 Black tea. Got this tea from the Sainsbury's without much of expectations. Overall good value reasonable tea without any surprises. The reason why not to give any higher score is as simple as this is a slightly boring tea.

Sainsbury's - Fairly Traded Gold Label Loose Leaf Tea 250g (2)

2022-11-12. Black tea. Very standard black tea, without anything interesting going on in taste. And that is the problem. While ok this was definitely quite boring tea.

Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company - Thistle Loose Tea Tin (2)

2022-03-05. Black tea with thistle. I did not like this. Something taste was not for me, but I guess someone could think this is great. Another annoying thing was that the thistle bits made a mess in my tea pot, everytime I brewed this stuff. Ultimately I started mixing the thistle tea with additional black tea, and that mix was more what I wanted. Fair to say that is unlikely what the producer of this tea thought ought to be done.

Java - Java House Gold Label Loose Tea (3)

2022-08-13. Black tea. Good product without any real issues. Only problem I really had with this was that I started drinking the tea after the Doğuş (see next entry) and I felt a bit disappointed although there is nothing wrong with an average product. I think I should give this one a retry after some time. If I do, and change my mind, this entry will be updated.

Doğuş - Siyah Filiz Çay 1000 gr (5)

2022-04-30. Black tea. Excellent buy. I had this tea every morning for months without any concerns getting tired of the taste, or anything like that. This might not be absolutely strongest tea ever, and that is a good thing. One can taste all sorts of floral aromas when brewing just quickly. If you leave the tea for ten minutes you will get the punch you need at early hours. If I find this product again I will get another kilo without thinking twice.

Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company - Whisky Loose Tea Tin (4)

2022-03-05. Flavored black tea. This was a nice tea. Package is a bit small, so I have drank the tea very sparingly. Price is not great, but as I got this as a gift I can tolerate that. Would I buy this again if I would see the product on near by shop? I think I would, but not very often.

Whittard - Mango & Bergamot (3)

2021-12-24. Green tea with flavoring. This is clearly an evening tea. Smell is pretty good, and flavours are nice but not very strong. Taste is definitely good, but I end up hoping there would be more of it.

Fauchon - Thé noir parfumé (2)

2021-12-20. Scented black tea. Really good packaging, maybe I should keep the container for later use. Absolutely great smelling tea, and that is where good review ends. No matter how much I have put this tea into brew there is practically no flavor. That is a fail in the primary reason why to drink tea in first place.

The Tea House - Calming Tea (4)

2021-12-11. Herbal. Previous Tea House evening tea was excellent and since I happen to be near the shop I went in to get more something similar. This is equally nice, slightly sweet and absolutely delightful tea. The only problem I have is that I would like the bag to be a little bit bigger. Reason why this goes fast is that you need about 1.5 times the tea vs water when compared to most black tea. First batch I made did not have enough herbal mix, and the liquid was disappointingly watery. But with larger dose this is great, with the problem of it's all going to end very fast.

Sainsbury's - Fairly Traded Red Label Tea Bags x40 (3)

2021-11-20. Black tea. Sometimes whole pot of tea is too much, so I though I will get some tea bags from near by super market to make just a cup at a time. As expected not over the moon great, but good enough and works in the purpose I had in mind.

Ketepa - Fahari Ya Kenya (2)

2021-06-20. Black tea. Taste of this tea has nothing wrong, but why the leaves were crushed to so fine powder? If you get this tea either use paper filters when making, or be ready to eat tea.

The Tea House - Lemongrass and Strawberry (4)

2021-09-18. Fruit tea. I got this to be an evening tea, with idea less caffeine few hours before going to bed is good idea. The taste of this tea is a little bit sweet and clearly herbal. While not mindblowing I quite like this one, and more importantly I can have cup of something even quite late.

TWG Tea - Silver Moon (2)

2021-08-13. Green tea. Okay quality packed to super expensive metal pipe. Since I really enjoyed Jade Dragon I thought giving another try to TWG, but this time experience was let-down. There is nothing exactly wrong with the tea, but with as ridiculously high price as this product has one would expect a bit more than just an ok green tea.

Aberdare - Leaf Tea (2)

2021-01-31. Black tea. Taste is no thrills ordinary black tea, exactly what one will expect and want for breakfast. For some reason the maker had decided leafs need to be ground to quite fine powder, that will cause strainer not to be effective. This tea requires paper filtering to make perfect cup. Secondly the really fine grind means you don't need as many grams of this tea in strainer than some other tea. I was happy with 8 grams per 1 litter, that is about 2 grams less than with leaves that are unbroken. Overdozing will make really strong and quite bitter tea.

Mariage Frères - Thé Sur Le Nil (4)

2021-07-10. Green tea. Stunningly great smell, but pretty ordinary green tea taste. I don't think I will buy this again. Not bad, but there are so many other teas in same price range that getting know with them is more useful than going back to fairly ordinary tea.

Melvins - Tangawizi Tea (4)

2021-01-31. Ginger spiced black tea. This is a nice prouduct. The tea is not very strong, being a bit generous when brewing is good idea. Resulting drink is clearly a tea with easily recognizable ginger aroma.

Ketepa - Purple Tea (1)

2021-01-31. Purple Tea. I don't know what is wrong. The tea will not turn any shade of purple no matter am I mixing it with lime or lemon. Best I managed to get is a shade of pink. That said citrus does improve the test, but not enormously. Taste without citrus gives some soil aromas, but is overall watery while still managing to have nasty aromas.

Marikiti Market spice sale booth in Mombasa - Mango Tea (5)

2021-04-08. Spiced Black Tea. Smell of this tea is great, you can absolutely get sensation of mangos. But it doesn't stop to smell, there is also aroma of although it is not quite as strong. My imagination might be playing tricks, but I get sensation like this tea would be sweet while it cannot possibly be true. It must be the mango aroma that is fooling taste buds.

Kericho Gold - KG Loose Tea (3)

2021-01-31. Black Tea. Quite good black tea. Maybe not the world most sophisticated aromas, but definitely does the job. Excellent value for money ratio.

Ketepa - Jani (2)

2021-01-31. Green Tea. Quarter kilo package of green tea that is crushed to bits being almost powder. I got this as a loose tea, and because the powerder form it took few tries to get cooking go right. My regular tea is 12 grams of tea to my 0.75 liter tea pot, but when the tea has so much more surface area it will be undrinkably strong with same measure. Half measure seems to be enough. But is this a good tea? Not marvelous, but not bad either. Because the leafs are in totally destroyed it might be that Ketepa has used some second grade stuff to make this tea, and blend it with some good stuff to keep product drinkable.

Out of Africa - Premium Blend (2)

2021-01-31. Black Tea. No thrills black tea. Quite strong and straightforward taste. Perhaps a bit dull tea to go through, and I had a kilo of this.

Twinings - Gunpowder Green (4)

2020-11-23. Green Tea. Not special, but sufficiently strong green tea. Second brew is possible with this product, although by second round the tea clearly has lost some aroma.

Twinings - High Grown Kenyan (3)

2020-11-23. Black Tea. A tea without faults or anything special. Very similar with the Strand Strong.

Twinings - Sencha Green (3)

2020-11-23. Green tea. Good one. The first impression is this is quite light in aroma. An experiment with greater tea to water proportion is needed.

Twinings - Signature Earl Grey (3)

2020-11-23. Black tea. Nothing wrong with this one. I am coming to conclusion Earl Gray is not really that interesting tea.

Twinings - Forest Fruits Black (5)

2020-10-31. Black tea. Really nice smell. Taste gives a little hint of berries. I like this one.

Twinings - Lapsang Souchong (4)

2020-10-31. Smoky black tea. Great smell. Fairly straightforward smoke aroma. To be honest; I wouldn't mind this being more smoky.

Twinings - London Strand Strong Breakfast (3)

2020-10-31. Black tea. Good tea without faults. Taste is better when not boiling hot. Similar to Darlington I had earlier, but not as expensive.

Twinings - Nutty Chocolate Assam (2)

2020-10-31. Black tea. Smell has nice hazelnut aroma, but I don't like test of it. In wine terms this tea is too dry. I guess this one would be better with milk, but that is not how I drink my tea.

Mariage Frères - Robe Rouge Suprême (4)

2020-10-10. Blue tea. Taste give clear seaweed aroma. Good one, but this does require question is this worth the price? Maybe once, but I doubt twice.

Mariage Frères - Darlington (3)

2020-10-10. Black tea. Really good smell. Not super interesting, but nothing to complain.

The Tea House - Rooibos Cinnamon And Vanilla (1)

2020-09-26. Rooibos. Basically an attempt to try rooibos first time long time. Not very interesting, but better than supermarket teabags.

TWG Tea - Jade Dragon (5)

2020-09-05. Green tea. I really enjoyed this one. Done again without scale, but even with just eyeballing cups turned out great. Strong recommendation.

Mariage Frères - Lung Ching (3)

2020-08-22. Green tea. Nice grass aromas. I messed up when making. I did not have scale at the time, so half of the cups resulted too weak. Good one.